Sunday , August 7 2022

Le Matin – Banque Atlantique Mali focuses on rural electrification


The purpose of the Initiative is to finance the supply and installation of solar photovoltaic systems in rural areas.

The bank finances the electrification program in the country's Atlantic Mali. Last week, Bamako signed the Mali Renewable Energy Agency (AER), a technical partner of the program.
The initiatives implemented by the Moroccan group of Banque Centrale Populaire Group as part of the citizen's actions are related to the financing of solar photovoltaic systems supply and installation in rural areas.
Specifically, after installing this appliance, provide the electrification of the health centers and primary schools for each selected village, the installation of street lights for public lighting, installation of dryers and drinking water systems. "Through this partnership, Banque Atlantique finances a number of projects in Mali in order to connect the population with key social infrastructure, particularly in potable water and reliable, sustainable energy. does not harm the environment, thereby simplifying access to health care and education, "a statement reads. The first place selected for this program is Kenyeobogu, 35 km from Segu, with a population of 1000 people.

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