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Mac Thiès: A thiantacoune abusive person drinking bleach •


In addition, the Thiès Detention and Correctional Center (Mac) has committed suicide. Alioune Diallo, Sheikh's Guide trying to kill himself by drinking bleach. He is under control.

The disciples of Sheridan Bifo Tioun were captured on a Mac in Tiesto because of the double murder of Mindatul Salam, an endless hunger strike, and a drama. Alioune Diallo yesterday, Tuesday, tried to drink a bleach. He sent her to the trail of Matthias waiting for her evacuation. The detainee is a border on the fourth floor of the Grand Hall. According to the source, the detainees have been warning for a long time and shouting at the door of the room, and security guards may send their fellow criminals to the hospital. Recall, on November 27, one more Thiantacoune camera, Mamadou Anne, also wanted to finish her life. At the moment he is isolated in the hospital, he has reduced all his care. He was in a very difficult situation. Hunger strikers are involved in their case. Last Monday, they opened a hunger strike. In 2016, he was arrested in a pre-trial detention facility due to the two murders of Michael Madinatoulo Salam, for committing a crime, obtaining a corpse, unlawfully burying, and not committing a crime. Their leader, Sheikh Betti Tion, was granted temporary freedom …

The file is a policy

According to the hungry critics, "this issue was very politically". Thus, in June, over the course of a week of dieting, the 9 thiantacounes decided to play the latest cards. After strong government promises to do so, they have agreed to halt the strike last season. Justice Minister Ismaililla Maduro Fall has even announced the availability of funds for Thiantacounes tests. Since then, there is plenty of water underneath the bridge. Even worse, the Thiantacounes imprisoned "Thiès imprisonment and imprisonment of Thiantacounes, who never made a detention in a detention facility."

Just recently, Justice Minister Ismail Madore Fall announced the Thayanacounes court proceedings with the reopening of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Miga. "In that case, Thies would have to admit it. Facts happened in the city of Mambe, dependent on Trix. Meanwhile, I set up the Tribunal de Grande de Dan de Mourghur, which opens my Criminal Chamber. And this case has been initiated, "said Interpell on TV Channel Thieracounes, Serigne Biio Tioong for temporary detention, while his followers were in jail while the Justice Minister had other criteria, and often one of the criteria was to see the level of engagement.

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