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Madagascar presidential election: the last meeting of the electoral campaign


Madagascar experiences the last weekend of the electoral campaign on Wednesday, November 7, before the presidential election. The campaign was two heavyweight, Andry Rajoelina and Marc Ravalomanana gathered on Saturday, November 3, the fans in Antananarivo.

These are in fact the two Madagascar policies in Madagascar, who held their meetings this Saturday morning. Andry Rajoelina, former mayor and former president of Antananarivo between 2009 and 2013. He promised to change the country for 20,000 people.

" I always do what I promised. When I was a mayor, I built this stadium. If you choose me, I promise that Antananarivo is a modern city, a road, university, social housing He said.

There were many young people in the crowd, especially in the neighborhood who visited. Rajoelina's dream … Young, modern, successful … He also promised that Tamatave, a port city in the eastern part of the country, Malagasy Miami ".

Many promises are supported by a number of singers, dancers, video clips … A real show in American style.

There is indeed a vision and a new vision!

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Alexandra Brangeon

Continue to do what you did

At the other end of the city, at the other end of the city, Mahamasina City Stadium and the other major candidate, Marc Ravalomanana, also held the rally. This former president campaigned for his first assignment from 2002 to 2009, including the construction of many roads to open certain areas.

Supporters of Marc Ravalomanana's candidate at the Mahamasina City Stadium, Antananarivo, on 3 November 2018.
© Meeting at Mahamasina Stadium in Antananarivo on November 3,

In two hours, the 25th presidential candidate overthrew the masses and developed its "manifestation", its program of ten immediate action measures.

Nearly 30,000 people, including the middle class, were silent. This was a much simpler meeting. Marc Ravalomanana talked about uncertainty and economic recovery and said he wanted to continue what he did before taking office in 2009.

When he came to power, he was ok, he worked well. He loves his country.

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Laure Verneau

What about the other applicants?

Of the 36 candidates, There are 25 who are not campaigning. The latter really ask for the postponement of the elections, assuming that the electoral lists are unreliable.

Of the remaining candidates, of course, is Hery Rajaonarimampianina, the last president who resigned a few months ago to go to the presidential election. You have to hold the rally on Sunday. He also says that he wants to continue his actions.

The other candidates on their part are much smaller, with far fewer tools. Some people are almost unknown. Most of them do not meet, but travel by the road around the leaflet. The most well-known is a singer, a pastor, and three former prime ministers.

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