Sunday , June 20 2021

Mame Mbaye Niang with his opponents

Opposition does not have a respiratory tract. Mame Mbaye Niang aims to increase the effort to hinder the opposition from managing the people. Yesterday, after introducing a group of dreams, accompanied by Plato Senegal-2035, tourism and political leaders in Dakar attacked the opposition again.

And the disgrace of many issues raised by the opposition. According to the opposition, Maine Mbay Nayyan does not make any statements about the Falemian mines to be given to the Turks. «At this time we are told about the contracts with the Turks, but it is only a shift"Maia Mbay totally denies Niang.

For him, he was a person who had taken mines from the Kuman Resource mines in an incorrect and inaccurate passion and quarrel. Mame Mbaye Niang, the state, was sentenced to pay $ 75 billion to Mittal. «We have not signed a contract yet. We are discussing and they want nothing to do because they are very simple, there is a Turkish group that has decided to sign a contract with Senegal: the first is to install a steel plant. Do not use the iron! They set up the iron industry. And secondly, studying the possibility of using mythsons. Here we collect the collected waste. that's true«.

"Among those who signed the opposition petition"

Mame Mbaye Niang said that, in fact, no contracts have been signed, and some say the opposition is trying to take advantage of this situation. Talk to the Turks to make money. «The contract was not signed. These people were encouraged by those who signed those statements against the Turks, even though they did not say it. That's true. There are, in fact, payments between signatories. Today, they are candidates and they encourage groups that want to use iron. All this explains this religion. Nothing else! Two people worked with the group to get this access. They were not chosen, they were not kept in the incomplete debates and they tried to make this coconut«.

"Suez sells us less than 64 francs of water"

Not the discussion about the use of water in Suez, but rather the Cedar, the Minister of Tourism, explains the sons of Senegal in a relative manner. For Mame Mbaye Niang, it is not just a financial aspect that encourages the division of the state's decision from the stagnant waters. «Let's remind, first, the Sde contract has a deficit of $ 250 billion from Senegal. This is also important! Sde sells us at 364 F, and Suez is giving us 300 F, so less than 64 F«.

"The opposition works in the destabilization schemes of the country"

Mame Mbaye Niang There is no picture between Sde and Suez. « There is no nebula, consensus, or nothing because the opposition does not trust Senegalism. They see transactions everywhere, but the truth is that they do not want to go to elections. In fact, they work in the country's destabilization schemes; in truth, they organize the propaganda of the pre-election elimination. The real issues that they are talking aboutThe minister defends himself.


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