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Mbappé: "With France I want to manage Europe and the World" – League of Nations


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Mbappe leaves the audience

Smiling or even humorous, Klian Mboppe holds a press conference.


Guard protector

"You have to force yourself and break your natural ability, if the team needs it, you have to do it, sometimes there are vacancies, do not lie, but it works and you have to go on. I'm sure I can do it all the time.


My opinion of the blue debut

"He is very good in the team, he is very well integrated, he is very good with his club, he has a lot of talent, he is a part of today, he is good for the French team, we have a good backlog and we can not complain."


PSG and its technical skill or EDF style?

"It depends on the configuration of the game. If you play defensive protection, it's best to play EDF. If you have a team that is waiting for you, this is a good PSG, when you own and use them, and I'm both fun with them, and I'm fine, as long as I'm in the field.

at 12:48 o'clock

PSG and selection are the same as Mbappé?

"No, because I am different registers. PSG has played an important role, but Neymar remains the most important thing he should have. we are no longer a group, and I try to adapt as much as possible. "

at 12:46 am

Whatever we can do for him, we can do whatever he wants us to do

"Champions League" National Quarter "Good Health" 2 years I want to win the Euro and have fun, so I play football. Europe and the World. "


In the future of the most interesting blues game?

"The coach asks this, I think he has accumulated enough experience to win and strives to respond perfectly."


His favorite post?

"To show that we are different, they all think that this is a permanent situation as we expected." In different positions, I can answer them. I always show that I do not always have comfort, I complain to each of them, I have to show everyone I can agree with each workplace, which may also have problems with the opponent, to think about why Clian will fall. He plays for me a great player, Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays everywhere. "

At 12:41

Grishmana and a lot of love-related team?

"When you have good players, I think you do not believe that you can not go out of the crowd apart from Hugo, who has made a great result. We can not forget this game, but nothing will happen. We need to act as fast as possible. Antoine and I, yes, should be more involved in teamwork. difficulty, as these players make the difference between players.

At 12:40

Ligue 1 low level?

"It seems to me that in L1 this is ours. This spirit must change. Of course, we are higher, but we should rely on ourselves, not in a band. In my opinion, our issue in the PSG slows down some playback. If we do not have a regular over 90 minutes, bigger matches will be easier to cope with. and not the championship.

At 12:38

In 2018

"This is a wonderful year, we have won the biggest trophy in football, we have a well-off team that has been strongly supported by its community. All year round. We will try to be good next year. Personally, there is a big change, at the start of the year I started to reach the goals I set. I'm the most crucial player in the French team in 2018. It is confirmed by the team, but starting with selection in 2019.

At 12:36

The ethnic record in PSG

"I've looked at it from a distance, it's not my business, it's a hard file, and I'm trying to access it."

At 12:35

Do you like the coach who tells you to stop defending?

"I want to tell you the truth, but there are 2 players who can not defend the world, they are players who play in season 60. it may be 60 goals, maybe we will go to the debate, but I know that this is impossible, but we all want it, but it does not depend on reality. "

At 12:33

About location advantages

"My career was once connected with my role, I think I'm happy in the field, and most importantly, I am feeling a lot of responsibility for my multifacetedness. I feel responsible, I can not find justification everywhere, and I must be effective."


Evolution of his game

"I have been watching for some time now, and it is useful for me to develop other things, increase speeds, compete with great players. I think how to raise it. "


About the problems in Seattle

"It's a little difficult, but it works to make you physically good, it needs a lot of energy, I urge her to continue, I know her well, and I know what I'm doing. I believe that I'm hoping that he will bring the great player up the slope and show everyone that he is here. "

At 12:29

About the difference between Kawani and Nimar

"Kawani is a great player, he makes us a good PSG. Nams and Neymar … I sent a letter to Neymer, he smiles at you and told you. This duel defends his country, and they are right, PSG will not score a goal and score a goal.

At 12:27

Against Cavaine and its relationship with JiruD

At the meeting with the PA, "I do not need Kawani, no need!" I had a weak relationship with him, but he did not conduct us. We need to achieve successes in the 3 rd, team, and group "

At 12.26

Ballon at the end of the voice

"We do not think it's a high-level player, and we have to become more effective and even more". We hope that this competition will be much more competitive in French this year, but this is a very strong forecast, "he said.

At 12:24

His leadership

"I'm talking only on the field, you have to stay in your place, and you have to take responsibility, and I think it's important for teams that I play."

At 12:24

Many requests

"I always want to say it, I'll say it again, I'm getting ready for it, and that's what I want, and even if I work sometimes, I'm convinced that I'm trying to wait for people around me."

At 12.22

At the fall of the building in Marseille, she was involved with a mother who died

"I've heard this story, I do not want to have too much in the press, and I do not want to be restored; I try to meet him. "

At 12:22

Deschamps lyrics

"The coach sends a message that may have made you feel too embarrassed. He should respect his opinion and take it into account and then return to show the good personality of the French team. «


Proud Reaction to Uruguay?

"Yes, of course, this is a great achievement, and this is going to happen fast, we have to go into the rhythm, play duels, the last game we played before our audience."

At 12:20

Reasons for congestion

"I think we did not miss a lot, it was not a match, not a collision … Tired … Yeah, but we are a great player, we have to play over 60 players. The Netherlands is a good team that we can not play in season" .

At 12:18

Mbappe comes to the audience

The queue of Kylian Mbaby!

At 12:16

He heard the invitation

"I took my own pit, but I did not really make a call, I know what's going on, I missed the training clock and then told me good news, give me instructions for my things, because I had to go to the French team, and I still had a failure. , and then I realized that I really needed to do my business.

At 12:13

The last hatch

"I was technically and technically, because I started at League 1. Then I'm not a coach, and I can not decide, but I have to be here.

At 12:13

Associated with Senegal's selection

"They often called me, but I'm not the one who takes the pressure on it, and I told them I would see it later, and that would be good for my club.


His contribution to the EDF

"I hope to convey my loyalty, my desires, and later, I do not know what I can do in a place where they are not there (laughs)"


Postponement and coaching word

"There is no pressure, and the coach has told us about the game, we all know that we are not good, we do not need to rely on it, and we know what we should do on Tuesday (against Uruguay). «

At 12:10

Memphis Depardieu, a member of his club

"I think he had a good match against France, which was decisive. At the end of the game we did not have much time to talk, and when we go back to training we will talk about it. "


About his or her own privileges

"It often says that I have a good right foot, so if you have to eliminate the problem … I did it on the right side of the club, and I do not mind it."


Instructions for the next team composition?

"Nothing has happened." It is between me and my divorce: if he called me, I had to give everything, but there was no indication. «

At 12:07

His meeting with Kimpemba, who studied at PSG

"I am very glad to see her in PSG, so I left my injury, we have always been in touch, and I am very glad that I'm here and what's going on in the club. choice ".

At 12:06

About the choice

"I play well in Lyon, I play well, got injured, they called me, I am available for the French team".

At 12:06

About integration to the sky

I respect the colors of the French team. It was a great experience, well integrated and well-received.

At 12:05

I am coming to the audience

Ferland Mendy's press conference has started.

at 12:00

The last match for the Blues in 2018

Uruguay's Stade de France will be the last meeting of the French national team in 2018. On Saturday in the Netherlands (2-0) players played the game. and the rest remained in the room.


Mandy and Mboppe wait 12 hours

Hello everyone. Welcome to our life to follow the Blues press point. Lyon's defender Fernande Mendy and Paris striker Cyan Clanan Mboppe are waiting for media coverage, including 12:00 pm friendly match against Uruguay (21 hours).

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