Sunday , August 7 2022

Mohammed Qajimi's "Africa Stage" is depicted at the Mosque of Marseille


The exhibition is dedicated to the "African Stage" of Mohammed Qajimi (1942-2003), describing his work as Western, his art and various aesthetic tendencies, to reveal a new, more individual approach, freedom, freelance and multidimensional and transdisciplinary expression.

The role of this illustrious artist has been determined by choosing the finest works and important archival documents (including 325 works of paintings, sculptures and archives: manuscripts, texts, drawings, photographs, videos) to new generations of Arab world through their "roots" a real smuggler that allows you to take a step.

Mohammed Kazimi is one of the most important Moroccan visual artists in the post-war era. An innovative and prominent artist, initiator, and principal witness of modern Arab art globalization has had a great impact on the evolution of his country's art scene and has become a model for many international artists today.

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