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Morocco and FIFM in Africa to encourage talent in Africa and the Middle East: Atlas Workshops – Morocco and Africa Watcher

The Marrakech International Film Festival is launching a new program for the development of new talents in Africa and the Middle East, Les Atlés de l Atlas, which hosts more than 150 Morocco and international experts from 2-5 December. .

It is a sectoral and development program aimed at supporting cinematographers in post-production film and film projects to accelerate production, better understand the market and strengthen their network. The 17th edition of the festival organizers will be held from November 30 to December 8. Atlas Workshops for Africa and the Middle East Cinema, are a creative and professional platform for cinematographers and a place for international experts and regional talents. these seminars were designed to help cinematographers in the region to produce the first, second or third movie (fiction or documentary film), and to continue with the manufacturer. In this first edition 8 projects from 9 countries invited to participate in the seminars were prepared and 8 post-production projects were presented and the organizers demonstrated that 5 out of 14 projects were submitted by women, three of which were initiated by women and 50 applications were selected after national calls.

The film focuses on this first issue to clarify how melody is made, and that goal is to encourage selected filmmakers to think about the world and to promote regional artistic collaboration by introducing talented composers.

In the course of the workshops, cinematographers work with professionals who are both creative in their artistic and professional outlook. the specific needs of each project and the producers of subsequent films, editors, film composers, international salespeople, distributors and festivals, due to production and production.

In Arabic speaking countries, we invite members of the Arabian Alternative Network Network (AAA) Network, which unites 20 African cinema diffusion spaces, to meet with members of the public in the African continent and the Middle East, as well as on the distribution of works, as well as invited to the meetings, as well as project managers and project managers .

At the end of these seminars two prizes will be awarded by two professional jury. This is a prize fund of € 10,000 for the best project offered by various jury and 20,000 euros for one of the next production films.

These seminars focused on the distribution of film materials in the region pay special attention to talents from Africa in the Middle East, in partnership with Netflix.

The list of 14 projects selected for atlaze workshops at Marrakech International Film Festival: – Aida Elkashf's (Egypt) / "The Day of the Fish". documentary

Kivu Ruhorahosa (Rwanda) / Fantasy from "About Europe"

"Where am I to go?", Karima Saididen (Morocco) / Documentary

Hansen Ferkhani's (Algeria) "Kilometer 60" / Documentary

Mohamed Nadif (Morocco) / Women of the Pavilion

Wissam Tanios (Lebanon) / Documentary "We Are Here"

– Developing 8 projects:

Rom mecmi (Morocco) / Fantasy mourning season

Fyzal Boulifa (Morocco) / From Fantasy "Spoken Preacher"

Zamo Mkhvanazi's "Washing" (South Africa) / Fantasy

"Inadelso Cossa (Mozambique) / documentary" looks like night-time "

Nicolas Sawalo Cisse (Senegal) / From the Fantasy "Hold the River"

Jasmine Bencirana (Morocco) / Fantasy Quins

Rami Code (Lebanon) / "Black" rivers have become red

Amil Shivji's (Tanzania) "Kuwaiti Warfare" (Army)

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