Saturday , April 1 2023

PSG – PSG: Paris does not replace "water carriers" and pays too much


Two years after the "rebuilding" in Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain's Manchester United scorned this time. But how can these fiasks be interpreted in the Champions League?

For many people, the analysis is very simple, with Tomas Tuchel's team lacking leaders who can move the group and bring it together. The profile, in particular, was replaced by Tiago Mott, a pensioner and a replacement for the capital club, Blaise Matuidi. A fatal mistake, Jerome Leroy knows the importance of these people in the shadows.

« I do not have a character for this team, former Paris critic of the Canal + interview. Who Reveals the Aggression? In my opinion, Tiago Modte was a little. But from whom? No … It was said that there were water carriers at that time. PSG Where is the water carrier eleven? No. There are only good players who are above average. «

"We like these players …"

« We value Matyati's work because he runs everywhere. We like these players … But that's fine, I see it in all the teams. When faced with difficulties, players who are passing and paying will feel good. Technical players, where we are not running, we do not – explained Chateauroux sports director.

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