Saturday , January 28 2023

Real Madrid: winter mercakary fire has been announced!


Real Madrid: winter mercakary fire has been announced!

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Although it is not necessarily imperative in the Champions League difficulties in the league, even though it is at full speed in the spring, Real Madrid will begin deliciously for the season when Hulen Lopegu has been dismissed.

At the moment of the change of the amateur, even though the socios are still openly asking whether the workforce is sufficient to attain the objectives of the White House, it is doing well. And, obviously, the management understood this issue, as big investments are expected this winter. Daily Marca announces that 200 ME envelopes are available for recruiters to produce at least three new players.

Real Madrid is trying to get a central defender who can become a neo-international Mario Hermoso (Barcelona), midfielder and forward. This position was again named as Moro Ikardi, who clearly did not agree with Inter Milan. And the published envelope would be worthwhile because the Argentine striker was rated 110 ME on his club.

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