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Summary of news from 29/11/18


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Dollars Jerome Powell responded that investors were cautious. The FRES chairman said in an interview with the New York Economic Club yesterday that interest rates were "neutral" when they said they were still far away in October. However, Powell did not speak about the downturn in the economy or the pause gap in the rise of basic tariffs.

The pound was against the euro Notwithstanding the publication of the Bank of England report, the unilateral and transitory withdrawals from the UK resulted in a 25% increase in pound sterling and a 2023 GDP decline. low 7.75%Compared to the forecast published in May 2016, 10.5%.

Y rev This morning, after the best retail sales in October (+ 3.5% per annum), which predicted the 4th quarter growth rate.

Brent yesterday led to a fall in the closing price of 13 months. The oil reserves rose for the tenth week.

Today, the ECB's Financial Stability Report, the German Consumer Price Index, the Theresa May Listening, the Brecket Parliamentary Commission and the Fed's Protocols are key to the G20's upcoming events!


FRS. Jerome Powell warned in October that the interest rates were approaching the "neutrality" level. However, Powell did not speak about the downturn in the economy or the pause gap in the rise of basic tariffs. Jerome Powell said the debt increase for some American companies and the decline in credit quality were one of the main weaknesses in the US financial system.

Brecciac. According to the CCC, Breckers will contract 25% of British pound without an agreement and transition, and by the end of 2023, GDP declined by 10.5% lower than expected in May 2016, down 7.75%. The report indicates that pound relationships are estimated to range from 2% to 5% in short-term.

EU / USA. Donald Tramp expressed his intention to introduce a car import customs duty to the United States for the protection of American auto industry.

Commercial warfare. The US administration has said on Wednesday that China has "made no suggestion" about a substantial reform of its business practices.

Japan. The growth of retail sales in October was 3.5%, which has reached a record level since December 2017.

Ukraine. Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Ukraine's two Ukrainian ports in the Azov Sea, is packed with Russian ships this morning.

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Macroeconomic Calendar November 29 2018 DailyFX

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Fear of stock market for 5 days

Since the beginning of November, the international stock market index, such as S & P 500, CAC 40 and Nikkei 225, has maintained the medium-term technical support, and the rally scenario can still be seen by the end of the year.

The decline in oil prices is due to lower natural gas prices

Decrease in oil prices last week due to the US Department of Energy (DoE) has restored oil prices. Oil reserves were higher and higher than expected in the fourth row (+ 3,577 Mb + 0,769 Mb).

EUR / USD – DXY: The dollar grows stronger with the speech of Jerome Powell

By December 2019, 25 bp. or higher speeds increased from 48% to 37% per month. The main reason for these downturns is the fact that the Fed's rate is higher than anticipated economists.

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