Sunday , August 7 2022

Support for political and social climate in Senegal: Ndiassane's appeal


As in Tivau, the family representative of the holiday of Nativity in Mavleydi, Ahli Kutin, Serinee Abdurrahman Kunt, "social unity, long-term peace, stability in our country",. It is "to save Senegal from the difficulties before and after the presidential election in 2019". Ndiassane, Sheikh Beza Al Baja, the new Caliph General, who was unable to attend Gamu's formal ceremony for health reasons, said: "At present, the dominant position in the Senegalese political sphere. It calls for political actors to "relax peace and stability in the political space" in the country. He spoke of some of the "evil things" of the Senegalese society that he had suffered, saying: "It is necessary to eradicate the crisis like Internet values." It's a pity for "our loyalty to our girls", expressing concern over "abusive behavior through social networks".
The Caliph recalls the Taliban who were invited to work, the Muslim's exemplary behavior in accordance with the Muslim's "divine instruction", and the teaching of Sheikh Abdul Khadr Diaylani and Niassan's founder Sheikh Boh Kuntta. In addition, religious controversies on the topic of "Sufism, Political and Social Crisis Solve" at the beginning of this year, as well as "Senegal remain one of the indivisible, indivisible" Interior Minister Ali Nguyễn Ndiaye came from the President of the Republic in this ceremony.
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