Tuesday , March 21 2023

The enemy responds to Sonko Mustafa Cissa!


As part of his national tour, Pasafi's chief coach held a rally in Niora on Sunday. In his speeches, he gave indirect answers to Mustafa Sis Lawson, who claimed that Sen Tv's "Sen Jotay" program did not have money to win in Senegal.

"Being rich or having money should not be a measure of choice for the president of the republic. Senegalese citizens should prioritize the program, know-how and the moral integrity of each candidate, "he said.

Omanme Sonko slams Maxim Sels and emphasizes the responsibility of Senegalese: "How did you choose billionaires after a few years in the government? Everyone who votes for this gentleman's beautiful source is responsible. «

Let us recall, though, that in the Nioro department, it was postponed all day long, and most of the activists met the leader late in the evening.

WARNING: So, Siseko Sonko answered
President of the ECOWAS Parliamentary Assembly met with the Vice President of the National Assembly, Mustafa Sissa Lo Ahmet Aydar, on the program "You are the Jotay".

Pastor Ousmane Sonco, asked about the dispute with the leader of Mustafa Sissa Lo, who says that he does not do anything wrong with his own place in Senegal, but Casamance.

If he does not have Macky Sall, he will run for presidency in 2019, and Sonko has nothing to do with his political weight, since nothing has been proven if he has distributed at least billions of F CFAs. And to win the elections, he continues, he gets the money.

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