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The goal is to provide consumers with affordable, quality services. • * Mali


Mali (Sotelma) telecommunication company, subsidiary of subsidiary of Maroc Telecom Group, and its subsidiary, launched a 4G network in Mali on Tuesday, November 27.

This was due to the arrangement at the hotel chaired by the Minister of Digital Economy and Communications Aroono Modbo Torre. Head of the Prime Minister's Office Sidibe Zemulati Cissa, President of CNPM Mamadou Sinsi Kuibali, representatives of the company and several other guests.

Malitel CEO Adel Aziz Bid emphasized the importance of opening the company: "Launching Malitel 4G comes from a global strategy to improve and satisfy our services. the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide the best quality service at the launch stage, and expand 4G not only in Bamako, but also in other regions and we are proud of our results. See yourself in the future. «

According to the head of the Malitel, these jewelry items are part of a global vision of continuous improvement, which is provided by large investments in technical, financial, and commercial terms. "The best example is our 4G, which is based solely on optical and optical equipment, and we also benefit from broadband Internet access. it opens the way for the expected customer expectations. "For Abdu Aziz Bid, 4G Company enriches catalogs and advanced services for all customer categories. Everything that is in line with the views of the Society: always offers a lot of suggestions and offers a better future, and analyzes the mountains to see the future.

"As our main player in the economy of Malia, our approach is stable and our efforts are realistic to deliver the best delivery, reduce digital divide and maximize our network. Our actions are part of continuity and our attitude is, of course, voluntary. Managing Director of Malitel noted.

He took advantage of this opportunity to express his gratitude to Mr. Malitel's government, particularly the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance.

Then, the Minister of Digital Economy and Communications was satisfied with the quality of the company's executives work. They are reminded of the government's goals and priorities.

According to Minister Ture, the regulatory text specifies 4G's expansion of Sotelme's license, 4G coverage and quality of service. "The government has decided to grant 4G license to Sotelma for fairness and healthy competition in the national telecommunication market. We have no interruptions in the capital and in remote areas. The phone should be available to all people today. The Minister noted that the tasks of the President of the Republic include the country 's coverage and quality of service. That is why he will be able to achieve these goals, allowing Malitel to offer consumers economical, quality services.

Let us recall, that the award was ratified on July 19, 2017 at the Council of Ministers led by Abdulla Idris Maiga, then to the Prime Minister to publish the cost of this $ 100 billion CFA franchise.

Mohamed Naman Kate

Source: September 22

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