Tuesday , January 31 2023

The lazy little baby of the opposition! (Through Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye)


In the budgetary scandal Senegal will be obscured from all sides, otherwise there will be no debate on the fact that African countries are not the oil-producing country in the budgetary-transition period during the pre-election period. "This is especially the case for our authorities to choose for 2018," said Finance Minister Amadu Ba. This is a bold version of the Head of State: overcoming the burden on households, meeting several trade union requirements, teachers and students very limited, increasing the number of family grants beneficiaries, retirement pensions, etc. In this case, the most difficult, exogenous factors that affect the rise in barrel prices and the rise in dollar prices. Two exogenous factors that violate the strict budget forecast.

Which African country does not know about the budget tensions can ask for it?

The query can be expanded all over the world.

The French "vestiver" does not want to condemn the high cost of living for French households.

Sometimes later, Al Hajj Jilli Mbay, sometimes delayed Al Hajji Ndiouga Kebe, when we say that in Senegal he has paid the monthly salary … We are so far away from such a budgetary threat, by the grace of Allah, Subhanahu Wata.

At the same time, the most important rating agencies have had good results in Senegal, whose economy has the best places in the region. It is confined to us only in primitive and indifferent discussions, primarily by nihilism and intellectual laziness.

It is enough to refer to the Committee's definition and its exceptional competence, given the famous "opinion" of the International Committee on Human Rights, that the political agitation wants to mislead and mislead the subject by solving this issue artificially. "The International Committee on Human Rights is a control body responsible for the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its Optional Protocols of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. the proposal to the 172 member states of the Covenant does not have force, "said the Committee headed by the Committee. It should be noted that Senegal is obliged to respond in all cases for 180 days (06 months), which is optional. However, the six-month period will take us until May 2019 after the inauguration of the re-elected or elected president. Listen to me … This discussion is also not important.

As far as the "sabotage" is planned to be set up in Paris for the recent opposition, it identifies the paradox that informs the deficiencies in opposition. Sometimes he ceases to cooperate with France, but does not complain to the French embassy, ​​which requires a file to be redeemed after being online! How can you travel to foreigners to gain the right of Senegal to regain their country's image?

If our opponents have white glue and nostalgia in the streets of Paris, they can go there, but through grace they understand pure patriotism and not allow their homeland to break. abroad. We have never seen the parade of French opponents in Senegal, on our streets, to stop the policies that our country has ruled and have done.

Instead of focusing on "how to get the power at any cost," our opposition benefits from the more genuine concern of people.

Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye

Former Minister for Religious Affairs

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