Wednesday , October 5 2022

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Ai Nakamura is a momentary singer! His names Djadja or again Girlfriend, Is a leading sales force of 23 years. The latter was also invited NRJ Music Awards 2018 he is a Frenchman of the Year in Cannes.

If Nakamura abandons the empty hand, he did not appreciate the fact that Nickus Aliagas did not name him. Behind the scenes there was comfort in the music of a girlfriend, rapper Nissa's thoughts were not far from her …

After all, in the evening, Ara Nakamura released a video NRJ Music Awards 2018 On Twitter. There is nothing surprising to this day! But earlier the user commented on this famous edition: Where Nice Kisses Make It Happy

After the recording, the comment was made by Ai Nakamura, she talks a lot about her relationship with Nisk. Do They Have Communication? It was not confirmed, but there seems to be something between the singer and the rapper. Therefore, pursue business!

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