Sunday , August 14 2022

UGB Platform Involves St Louis Players (video)


This multi-platform platform is aimed at "developing agriculture, developing the dynamics of producers, technicians, researchers, traders and decision-makers." It enables actors to obtain and use agro-climatic information for the purpose of adopting optimal options for adaptation to climate change.

« Senegal, Senil, is facing the effects of drought and is complaining about the agricultural economy that is heavily dependent on climatic conditions. Any deterioration or adverse climates will inevitably affect agricultural production, thus undermining food security Ousmane THIARÉ recalled the impact of the climate change on the Senegal's traditional agricultural production capacity in Delta.

He also stated that "all categories of all developing actors" had become a platform for "satisfaction" and "pride."

« I would like to congratulate the project UFR Agro. Well, I'm convinced that those UFR researchers will be able to bring their research experience into the process of making this work, known to Senegal's regional development policy, as they are ready to support scientific research or agricultural production programs President of the UGB Assembly.

"We have skills. They should serve all the populations, so they may be able to take into account all the effects associated with these phenomena, "said the Rector THIARÉ.

INNOVACCA Coordinator Professor Seydou Nur SOLL stated that with the support of OSIWA in the implementation of the project, it would be possible for the stakeholders to "integrate the project-based innovative strategies". lecture on the subject "Scientific and endogenous knowledge of agricultural entities".

"The process through which the program is implemented is" Research ", which takes into account knowledge and know-how of manufacturers.

He further added that "the scientific question of the group of producers to increase the stability of climate change for food security is considerable".

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