Sunday , April 2 2023

World Day of Kidney: Touba has more than 130 renal insufficiency in the waiting list


Like other cities in Senegal, Touba celebrated World Day of Buds as the All-National Day of Buds. There are more than 130 buds in the city.

"We have 28 chronic dialysis campaigns in Touba because there are only 8 dialysis machines and 132 kidney patients in the city. The goal is to increase the number of machines (dialysis) in different locations, especially Sheikh Ahmadi Bamba Khadiemi Rassul, to ensure good management of these chronic diseases. Especially because we have more than 2 million people. " This competition was held at the Matlaboul Fawzeyni hospital in Tobago by Nephrologist Dr. Beat started. The meeting is part of a weekly campaign to combat kidney deficiency. According to him, patients with renal insufficiency should benefit from treatment, especially after dialysis. However, he says, access to care is a problem. "The main problem – even in the world, from 3 million to 7 million people suffer from renal impairment because they do not have place or dialysis. So this is the problem of access to dialysis. There are more than 400 people in the Tau, because after Taakkara, Taubah is the second dialysis center in Senegal. But since the opening of Thiès, Diourbel and Louga, the number in the waiting list has dropped dramatically. Today it is about 132 patients, "the doctor explained. Dr Ba also wanted to explain the need for a sensing session in remote corners and corners to eliminate renal impairment in the country. According to him, sensitization does not help to better understand kidney problems. "Many dialysis centers, especially renal insufficiency, continue to grow. Even today, even after the construction of these dialysis centers, we have set up many machines, but they can rent it until the end of the day, "he said. B. In his opinion, the World Day of Blood Disease is about four years. This "kidney disease is available to all and everywhere". So it is important to help patients know how to get treatment. "You do not need to wait until you register in the terminal phase. It is necessary to register only when the person experiences a complication of the kidneys. " However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 850 million people suffer from kidney failure. 2.4 million of this figure, he says, dies early in the year due to dialysis or kidney transplant failure. "Chronic renal failure, unfortunately, is the sixth most common cause of death in the world," he said.

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