Sunday , September 25 2022

A Star Bomb arrived in Belgrade, Argentina!


The real bomb is from the Rajko Mitic stadium.

According to the sports portal Mozart,
Las Palmas footballer Mateo Garcia arrived in Belgrade last night
today at the Red Star stadium.

The Red Star had previously come to an agreement with Garcia
the current Las Palmas club. The Spaniards agreed to pay compensation
1.8 million euros for three installations and a green light to cross

However, after Olympiacos took part in the competition, i offered the player i
The agent has more money than Red Star. The Greek media reported "yes"
The annual salary of the Olympiacos Garcia contract is 650,000 euros
four seasons.

Star demand dropped by almost 30 percent, "he said

There is not much time to negotiate, because the Star has a shelf life
then to license a player to a list of other players
Young boys.

In Marakana they hope that this name will be Mateo García.

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