Friday , August 19 2022

Anti-pedestrians, workers and homeless people were eliminated at the Springfield building in Boise


After writing Nedeljnik, it was forbidden to go to the Stonefield shop on Alexandr's boulevard, to protect the concrete wall, to protect the window, to prevent planting, to collect and to lower the surface.

Reporter Nedeljnika also noted that this morning was in the store and the spiders were destroyed.

As the offspring has officially been identified, several NGOs have prepared Friday to counteract the fall of the wreath.

As it was said yesterday, as it was mentioned yesterday, a few months ago, the crews of the famous brand were sent against the people who were working for the city and those waiting for city transport. pause or interrupt.

Otherwise, the installation of metal hinges called "defense architecture" is a process of urban architecture, which in most cases does not allow the owners to use public spaces that they can not imagine. Thus, metal buckets are mainly used to resist homeless people or to prevent them from sitting, sitting, sleeping or being in public space.

"Architecture of Defense" often prevents sitting in front of the exhibition hall and sleeps on the bench and primarily uses rooftops and skateboarders to dispose of garbage, collecting and urinating in public places. This is a major challenge for the event, which creates problems for all members of society, especially the elderly, children and the disabled.

The architecture of the world's homeless homes has long been involved, and smaller metal shelves comprise inconvenient chairs that are split into metal separators that provide a variety of safeguards that can not be instantly detected.

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