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Fish Oil, Vitamin D, New Drugs and New Cholesterol Guidelines – Research on the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology, which leads to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and other problems.

As it has been announced this week, good news for conferences, at least for the whole of the United States, before cheating for cholesterol, there is no need to abstain from starvation – many people are permitted to eat before taking blood for good analysis.

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Food supplements in tablets and capsules – "dietary supplements" are often avoided, "do not throw money into this mode" – doctors recommend that they provide natural food and balanced diet as a basis of health and, if this is not enough, vitamin or mineral tablets, suggests that it is only necessary for an individual patient.

"Pitman Chris-Etherton, MD, PhD, Research Fellow, Professor," Instead of vitamins and minerals in foods that are the best health care products, Pennsylvania State.

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For example, doctors at the conference reaffirmed the use of fish oil instead of vitamin D instead of "supplements", which indicates researches between heart patients, in addition to twice as fat or at least "impurities."

These and other conclusions approved by the conference were attended by doctors – none of them are financially dependent on drug dealers, AP reports.

The conference presented two mixed reviews of fish oil or "omega-3 fatty acids". There are different types, including EPA and DHA.

One daily dose, dose and dose of EPA / DHA combination in "plaque" in many nutritional supplements – did not allow to reduce the risk of heart disease or malignant neoplasms during research of more than 26,000 healthy subjects.

However, another concentrated EPA containing four grams per day revealed that cardiovascular problems in people with high risk of high triglycerides were low in blood.

The first study on the effects of many fish oil on the total population has found that the most prominent "supplements" have the effect of vitamin D, and have not reduced the risk of cancer or heart disease.

"We have to admit that this test is good," and D vitamin D does not matter as "supplemental substances," says Dr. Jennifer Armitage, of the University of Oxford (UK). "We do not see any benefits for him."

Dr. Dipack Bath, Boston Women's Hospital, says: "Do not throw money into these impurities."

All this is reflected in the Guidelines of the Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, which are approved by other groups of doctors.

The main cause of death in the world, the new guidelines for calculating cholesterol levels can lead to heart damage or arterial injury to a heart attack.

Five years ago, when revision guidelines for treating cholesterol were recently revised, it was limited to the use of a single cholesterol-level number to identify those in need of treatment. It began with a formula that takes into account young, high blood pressure and other factors to increase the risk assessment.

This last week's conference sets out the goals based on the formula and incorporates a two-way approach taking into account the individual state of each patient, for example, other health or family history of an early illness.

Dr. Donald Lloyd-Johnson, from Northwestern University, said: "It's never easy – a cholesterin counts."

If treatment is required, the first choice of a doctor remains "statin", which is sold as cheap universal medicine. For people who are exposed to high risk, for example, for heart attacks, guidelines recommend adding a "genetic agent" as well as "statin" cholesterol in insufficient quantities. If only two preparations are not enough, it is important to take into consideration the powerful, but expensive new drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors.

Finally, as stated in the guidelines, if necessary, treatment should be performed if the need for calcium test in the coronary artery is a form of x-ray research with the same radiation dose as mammography, but some participants in the conference consider this method too expensive because the review is from $ 100 to $ 300 up to

At the American Heart Association conference this year, the relatively recent new drug has reduced not only those who control the sugar sugar, but also the need for hospitalization due to heart failure. cases of diabetes control.

Because people with diabetes have a heart attack, new diabetes mellitus must be tested in larger studies to show that drugs are not safe for the heart.

One of these drugs, the general empagliphosin, has surprised physicians by reducing the risk of heart and stroke a few years ago, but subsequent triglycerides have subsequent side effects.

The new study, after concluding the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology Conference this week, has tested more than 17,000 patients with diabetes mellitus with other cardiovascular factors and a third dose of general diphthalen phospholipids due to heart failure in the United States this week.

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