Saturday , January 28 2023

By 2025 Chinese buyers will be the buyers of 50% of fashionable items


According to estimates, Chinese buyers will have a 46% stake in luxury goods sales in the world for six years, according to Bain's Italian Association of Fashion Producers.

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Last year, China's richest people gained a third of global procurement of clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

According to Bain, this year sales of expensive goods increased by 2.0% to 260 billion dollars, except for fashionable art, design and decoration. It reaches Euro.

However, when considering luxury goods and luxury goods, the market has grown by 5.0% to $ 1200 billion in the global market. It is expected to grow to Euro.

It is also expected that this year sales of luxury goods in China will increase by 18 percent to 23 billion Euros. Two major markets for expensive brands in Europe and America, with no change in their strong currencies this year, are traded at 84 billion euros and 80 billion euros.

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