Wednesday , October 5 2022

Federer: I believe that Anderson can not play today


Roder said that Federer would not play Kevin Anderson with Carey Nichori as Alejandro.

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Picture: Getty Images

Picture: Getty Images

«I am very happy that this is a good feeling (winning), especially after Kay's meal. It was a big challenge for me, and I am grateful for the cooperation in this area. It was fun to play against Tim, a great guy ", – said Federer.

The third tennis player of the world won the first tournament in London and Dominica Timte won two groups.

«Kayga was 4: 4 at the first set, and we both played badly and we could not get worse. I was looking at everything through a negative prism and sometimes it was. As a result Kei played a lot, he stopped working in my first and second set"said Roder, entering the meaning and saying:

«Today I had to really care about it, and I would like to say frankly, that the winners have the advantage of playing in the final tournament.«.

Vajjarak did not take part in the semifinal and plays with Kevin Anderson, who won Niikori on Thursday with a score of 6: 0, 6: 1

"I hope Kevin can not play like today, I hope he is a winner, I play well, it's not easy to play against it, everything works fine." It was a condition for me (Wimbledon), but I hope he can do it again and I can renew it ", – said Federer.

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