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Good start! With the support of Ibin and Ronald, Novak regularly chose "Outner"


Good start! With the support of Ibin and Ronald, Novak regularly chose "Outner"

Throughout the day, Zlatan Ibragimovich he spoke to his friend about his Swedish media Novaku Jokovich Wished success in the London Master Cup, and today he has supported himself Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo He is on his way to the first British capital.

Jokovich the victory won 6: 4, 6: 3 John Iznera very close to semifinals in the first match of his team. Serbia's next opponent will be in the group Marin Ča garden watching today Zvereva and they play in that match Novak and, of course, against the old client, which will allow you to test your position in the knockout phase.

Novak It's much easier than ever to be exploited by American wars. Novak He has always won the games, and in the first two games, he paused to serve his opponent. This is not a very common case Iznerov match. Finally, in the fifth game, Jokovich he broke it Изнеров service and breakdowns. He did not interrupt his first set of opponents. He assigned the ball to the post, but he won the set.

In the second set Izner Good thing offered, Novak he was fantastic in his career, and continued to the seventh game and scored the second goal and solved the problem of the winner. He then scored the third goal Изнеров service.

Jokovich Today, the ritern has been the best in tennis. Izner it was 13 per cent, it was 69 per cent of the first service and suffered a slight defeat. It was enough to win or at least defeat for any tennis player in the world. Versus Jokovich nothing could be seen Izner there is a possibility. However, it was even more amazing Jokovich result of service. Serbia had about 70 percent of the service, the first service was 87 percent, and the remaining 85 percent. He left Izcheru Do you need only six points in your job? He did not allow any breaks. He hit 21 screws with only six unbelievers. Hack! Not a good player Iznera I could not do anything against that Djokovic editions.

(PHOTO: Reuters)

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