Tuesday , March 21 2023

I avoided money for rural homes


In this regard, the Fund has allocated a grant of 20 million dinars for the first time to acquire 20 rural houses with refugee families within the program of assistance to refugees, migrants and migrants.

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Also, the total cost of purchase of equipment and equipment is 2.6 mln. The Dinar has 13 contracts to expand economic opportunities.

"Over the past two and a half years, with the support of the Government, 47 refugee homes have fired, and 229 families have been provided with equipment and equipment," said Milicevic, the provincial government and the Fund's future refugee families, and in 2019 will continue to support refugee support programs.

200 million dollars from the Government of Voynews

To date, 17 representatives of small and medium businesses have allocated about $ 200 million. 404 new job vacancies were awarded to Dinar, and Deputy Prime Minister Jordy Milicevic said that Voivodina and Serbia would do their best to boost economic growth.

"The competition does not only create new jobs but also implies the development of production, introduction of new equipment and technologies, as well as balanced regional development, because we recognize companies that invest in less developed municipalities and receive more resources. said Millikevich.

Starting a year and a half ago, through the current development agency Voivodina, 1,490 new jobs have been created through 650 million dinars.

"When one of the happiest three days of the year – when concluding contracts and actually returning a portion of the government's budget, we try to help domestic companies that are struggling primarily in the open market and in competition," said the Director of the Development Agency Nikolae Zhezel .

In 2019, Milicevic announced other types of assistance from the regional government for subsidizing small and medium-sized businesses, primarily to introduce new and sophisticated technologies and export.

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