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IKEA issues 20 workers in Serbia, but plans to create new jobs


Serbian Ikea, who started working last year, announced today that it would annul 23 employees.

Photo by Stefan Vanovereck / IKEA

According to preliminary information, middle-class employees are attacked, and employees in the trade-halls are exempted from these measures. Officials of the Company claim that they are part of a "transformation project" and a new concept of sales, which will enable them to create new jobs in the next few years. During the interview with Denmark, Ikea, a founder of South East Europe, Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia's Ikea General Manager in Serbia, has changed the global strategy for the decades.

– Ikea has changed the strategy because the world around us has changed the speed that has never been seen before. The retail sector has undergone radical changes, and our consumers use digital technologies to maximize their needs and expectations. Today, they live in urban centers, and they do not have cars and often have enough time to visit the shops that are outside the city center. Ikea changes globally. In Serbia and Southeastern Europe, consumer contact points will be opened, for example, we will continue to invest in this area, significantly increasing the number of downloads of our products or city centers, as well as our digital services.

* What kind of category of workers in Serbia is covered by transformation?

Its impact depends on what business unit, but primarily includes human resources, real estate and business development, as well as logistics. While continuing the transformation process, we analyze other parts of the organization, but in the next two years, in the world and in our region, there will be more workers than usual. We focus on Ikea functions in South-Eastern Europe Regional Office in Belgrade, which currently supports operations in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Ukraine. Until the end of the transformation in Serbia and the region, we open 706 new jobs through the opening of new stores, checkpoints for goods and digital services. At the central office, 23 jobs will be created, and the impact on stores will be minimal. We will continue to talk with our staff about how we can make the changes that are relevant to our values ​​and what each employee will need.

* How can online segments seize a new workplace and how many Serbian employees are calculated?

In fact, after the transformation is over, our customers want, for example, to search for, find, pick and buy the product within five minutes. Therefore, our main task is to fully utilize e-commerce and pay more attention to our workforce that provides added value to our present and future customers. We strive to attract and build strong competencies in the field of digital technologies, data analysis and personalization. The headquarters of our regional office is in Belgrade, and we are reporting to local experts when looking for new skills.

* In what cases do modern employees leave Ikea?

We try to keep as talented as Ikea. For this reason, we help our employees find the following possibilities within and outside the company. For those who do not have a new chance in IKEA, we provide a superiority based on the principle of domestic capital that exceeds the minimum level in the law. At the end of this process, we have a lot of jobs in South-Eastern Europe compared to today.

* How satisfied are you with the business results in Serbia?

We are very grateful for the results in Serbia, and we see many positive trends. We have a great share in the market of furniture for Serbian home furniture, which is 14% more than in the past year. We recently decided to launch a new investment cycle in Serbia with the Belgrade shopping center, which is located directly in our store. The investment will allow to create about 50 million euros and create 400 new jobs. This step, in my opinion, demonstrates our firm commitment to Serbia, as well as our commitment to further business development and local economic progress.

* What are the key features of a new market approach?

We want the IKEA to be accessible, available and functioning in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. When I say that I am available, it means that I can open digital sales channels, flexible services and shops of the city centers. We can not find a single solution to all markets, but we adapt to the real needs of our customers in the South East Europe region. Our stores will become exhibition venues. Store stores also become a strong link to the delivery network, for example, a buyer can order a sofa and take that day.

Ikea will drop 7,500 jobs

Sweden's Ikea Supply Company announced that it would stop 7.5 thousand jobs around the world in the city center as part of a new strategy to open a few stores and optimize online stores. Ikea said that the decline in workforce could focus on e-commerce platforms to meet the needs of its customers and to be affordable and affordable for many people.

The company introduces a new strategy for opening stores in city centers, which will be added to major city outlets. Shops are opened in centers of 30 major cities to diversify these offers.

"We're turning the retail scene into unprecedented proportions and speeds, and Ikea has to invest in business development to meet customer needs," said Yese Brodin, General Manager of Ingka Group, the largest retailers in the Ikea system.

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