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Ilyas: Strong Serbian trade – Politics


At the meeting with Serbian allies and Serbian allies, Kikinda's citizens agreed with the allies of Serbia. "There are two federations of the Serbian Progressive Party, the criminal leader of Serbia, who have killed the others.

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Photo: Serbia for Alliance

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When Alexander Vucic said he was the greatest liar in the history of Serbia, the president of the Serbian Alliance, Kikindis Dragan Jilas, pointed out that the current regime has reached a proud and high treason point. According to him, Serbia's worst trafficking is happening, people are poor, and only a small number of people are close to Vuchki. "Alexander Vucic has become more pink than Serbia. As you point it to Pink, it's as if it has turned it into a foreign currency reserve … and perhaps he did it, "says Jillas.

He also said that for Serbia, the Alliance is not against foreign investors, but "our citizens move cables to € 200." "No one can convince Romania that it is richer and more capable than Serbia and that salaries of three times higher than that of Serbia," says Jilas, "The Niš cable operator is the paradigm of corruption. More than 17,000 hectares of PCBs. " The president of the Revolutionary Movement, Dzhanko Veselinovic, said that Serbia's villages were deserted, farmers were cut off by cutting subsidies, and that Serbia had become a millionaire country, not millions of citizens.

People's Deputy Dveri Maria Jenuischevich emphasized the importance of unifying and organizing people against the destructive power, which is why the Serbs say, "We arrange this sooner, that Serbian is a short-term period of Progressive Party" Vucic is the biggest liar, Borislav Novakovich, the President of the People's Party of Novi Sad, says that it is not the biggest problem, but Vucic thief and criminals and his envy of his brother Andrey Voivodina – not sending them to mail, retain the link. "The president of the Serbian left, Borco Stefanovic, said that the current regime" sets out the ideology of separation and lies "

"They want you to make your workforce when you and your partners are rich. When talking about equality, each person will see the opposite when visiting a doctor … all of our society has inequalities! «. Democratic President Zoran Lutovack noted that the current regime is based on three pillars: "This is false patriotism, success in economic opposition, and lies. They were a storm in Serbia, "says Lutovac. Vucic regime has released "enemies" on a daily basis and said that citizens are being harassed by each other. An Alliance for Serbia was created to announce that it would break all three pillars of the pest control regime and return Serbia to the people they belong to.

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