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It is better to prevent cancer treatment. The body warns us about the heart attack! | Beautiful and healthy


You know how to say – it's better to treat it than to treat it! This is especially true of every illness many people who ignore symptoms, they can show the potential for infarction and can cause death.

Here are the prominent marks, and experts say that they will arise around up to one month before the heart attack.


One of the main symptoms is fatigue, this is a sign potential infarct. This symptom is more common in women than men. Otherwise, physical and mental strength Do not give fatigue because the body is at night.

You can detect symptoms of fatigue, which can be a sign of a heart attack because people are sometimes exposed It's hard to get out of bed or to dry out.

Gastric pain

The most common symptoms include nausea, pain in the abdomen, groin, abdominal tenderness. These are the signs they look the same in both sexes.

Stomach pain before the calcification of the heart attack, so it is repeated and only increases the body's pain.

Attention: you should not ignore the symptoms of diabetes!

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This symptom, like tiredness, is more common in women than men. It depends The greatest risk of stroke and stroke, and often happens with anxiety and forgetfulness.

Often awakening, difficulty falling, early awakening, nausea and nervous breakdown, warning about possible heart attack.


Speaker, as appropriate krakat dah, Normal and deep breathing can be symptomatic signs of infarction. These men, women, and so on up to 6 months before the heart attack.

Typically, no respiration is possible warning sign Your health is inaccurate. Also, it usually happens slow feelings, shivering.

Hair loss

There is another badge on the cardiac failure warning loss of hair. Often it affects Men over 50, however, it is exposed to the risk.

Cortisol growth is often the cause of hair loss and, in particular, the care of people with hair drops from the top of the head.


Frequent occurrence of arrhythmias or frequent heart rhythms then a panic attack was made or anxiety attack. It is often seen in women it will suddenly appear. There may also be tachycardia and / or acute heart rate.

Your heart can work faster physically active, especially those who suffer from atherosclerosis. Tachycardia is considered a chronic heart attack more than one or two minutes. If it is longer, you will be dizziness and you will be immediately contacted for help.

Note: If you are lonely and you are attacking the heart, this council of doctors will save your life!

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Excessive sweating

This is a very strong sweat The first indication of heart attack. It happens anytime, and these signs are often encountered Depends on menopause.

As always, sweat at night – even as far as possible waking up in wet tents.

Chest pain

This symptom is both male and female, so it is ignored symptom of heart attack.

The disease can be both in your hands, especially on the left, at the bottom of the fork, neck, shoulder, and even underwear, and can be short "drill" or longer.

Upper back pain

The upper back pain is characterized by pain in the back as a chaosymptomy.

Now, what kind of symptoms do you know? infection infection warningand who they should know risk factors. Smoking, lack of physical activity and obesity are the most common risk factors, but there are some factors usually ignored.

For example, hair growth in the ear, a soft illness in walking leaves, yellow spots on the inner corner of the eye, and a reduction in the ear.

If you notice any of these signs, you need it Get medical help immediately and check what that is about, or call an ambulance related to the symptoms.

Some medicines can help you re-create it Set heart circulation and increase the likelihood of survival. But first of all, if you need to prevent infarction, you need it You care about your health avoiding risk factors – staying in smoking and smoking areas, eating healthy, exercising, periodically check the level of cholesterol and reduces stress.

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