Tuesday , June 6 2023

Krono-Belhäs's presence: Vozdovak is trying to force the "Party" into action


"Partizan" Water Polo Club announced this evening, and we will deliver it to you

PHOTO: Partizan

– In the second half of the day Voddzhakov VK "Partizan" prevented the illegal interference in the heating system, which would allow the Olympic pool and equipment to heat up.

Despite the fact that the guerrillas provided their own funds for two buildings, as well as heat oils over the past 25 years, Vojdovak did not even answer.

Partizan, as a legal heir to the SRC Banjica, is a US leaseholder Voddovak, which supplies heat energy since 1974, Part of the guerrilla warrior V.P. Partizan VK, a member of the Partizan's heat transfer unit, has a large amount of thermal energy, which pushes hot water into the shaft. and other tenants, so they do not get enough heat.

To be in perfect condition, the Lessor hinders the Lessor, which is not only hot water, but also a boiler to buy all the boilers and equipment VK Partizan.

Of course, Vozdovchane is not interested in this, because they are the only employer with heating. After all, Vozdovtsy is the nearest employer in the boiler.

VP Parizan was in no hurry to assist the police, repair and replace unwanted installations, and to the police were Vozdovac VP. but a police officer is not responsible for public order and peace in the event of a violation.

Partisan will never violate public order and peace, we are a sporting organization and we do not like it.

For many years of the past year, Vozdovtsi proved that the club is ready to do everything to dispel the opportunity to continue its work. We believe that the Party will refuse to engage in legal proceedings that will lead to the detection of property rights, and we hope that in no case will the society be allowed to extinguish the club.


Tatyana Rakas

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