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LAFON DOWNLOADED IN CEREMONY! The rats have surprised the Sergeant! | Sport


LAFON DOWNLOADED IN CEREMONY! The rats have surprised the Sergeant!

Lebron James missed the legendary William Chambuil, photo: AP

There were no Serbian basketball players at the NBA tonight, but Serbian coaches were in conflict.

Igor Kokoskov was surprised by his Phoenix evening and lost to his favorite San Antonio Greg Popovic with a score of 116:96.

Sansy was only winning for the third time in June, but many analysts and journalists in the United States are slowly watching Kokoskows play and believes their ideas are slow.

The third quarter was decisive for the Arizona team to 35:22, so it had an advantageous advantage.

Jay Warren became a key player in the 27-point squad and scored 17 points and 10 times out of the Aaron project, and Bower was a little weaker and scored 13 points for 13 points.

In Sperside, he had just won Aldridge with only 6 points, and DeRozan with 24 points was the most effective.

Jimmy Butler made his debut in Philadelphia, but his first match for the new team was won by Nicola Vučevic, who simply denied Joël Abby, the best center of the League and League.

During the 111: 106 victory over Orlando from Orlando, he scored 30 points in eight flexibility and his direct opponent was the Embedded Triangle (19p, 13sec, 10s).

Gordon 17 and Ross were 15 years old at Medzik, and Sycamore Baptiste scored 14 points.

Finally, the main star of the evening, Lebron James, showed that he was waiting for Lakers' fans at the start of the season.

Portland 126: 117 dropped out of the "Prince" with 44 points, 10 flexible, 9 assistants and 3 blocks.

Most importantly, James NBA's 44th point from Totenham Hotspur's Vetwell Chamberlain's NBA attack was ranked fifth (31,419) with 31,425 points.

Levent is now up at 32292 points out of Michael Jordan's best time.

Magi had 20 points, while Ingram scored 17 points, while Portland's Lilard was 31 points and 11 assistants, while McColl scored 23, while Nurkich scored 21 points and 14 rebounds.

NBA results:

Orlando – Philadelphia 111: 106
Washington – Cleveland 119: 95
Boston – Chicago 111: 82
Brooklyn Miami 107: 120
Toronto – Detroit 104: 106
Milwaukee – Memphis 113: 116
Minnesota – New Orleans 107: 100
Oklahoma – New York 128: 103
Dallas – Utah 118: 68
Phoenix – San Antonio 116: 96
LA Lakers – Portland 126: 117


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