Friday , October 7 2022

LIVE: Red Star – Monaco 62:76 (30 minutes) Basketball


20:26 –

The red star begins the second half of the worst. Again in the first section, defense issues have emerged, Monaco's easy access to the pockets, so Tomic tries to keep up the clock to calm his team. Additionally, Lazik personally attacked by a disrespectful attitude and the team filled the bonus only after three minutes (47:54)

In the third quarter, the guests were much more aggressive, and Perperoglu completed the worst hit in the trophy of Covert, and Nyam immediately calculated the two-point advantage of Monaco (52:63).

Tomic is trying to find the fifth, with Serbia's mistakes being made, Lacombe slowly demonstrates the leadership of Monaco (54:71). The knocker was attacked by "+20" (54:74) and Monaco made two minutes before the first man in the third division. When judges play individual guests, fans in the hall are applauding. Simanich, Davydovac and Ristisch also have a game, and the youngest team gives their first points (56:74).

Davidovac then hit the "ramp" in Bari, and then he focused on the foul and made an extra blank shot. When Lacombs began, Simanich attacked a new blockade, and Philipovsky tried to set the time (59:74).

Simianich attacks the end of the third attack and returns his team to the game (62:76).

19:45 –
The second quarter

The second stretch begins with the dead outer. Simanik is the first time on the floor, Monaco is trying to use it, but young basketball can defend itself. Odzo scores four points (33:31).

Reglind again, playing in the second round of the Serbian team, Filippski attempts to answer the time car. The Perperoglu takes advantage of Lakomba (39:35).

After a few good steps, two mistakes in red and white were sent. It is sufficient for the tincture's rubber reaction (39:39). Regilla and Perperoglu try to hit three of their hands in two attacks, which does not take the hand. Outara is penalized by a team of three for a series of 9: 0 (39:42).

"Barefoot" hinders the Circus with light racing competitions. In the first part, Lakomb, a great defender, falls and falls. The referee interfered with the attack on Zvezda, and players from the players entered the table. Faye Lazic corrects the index and fails (43:42).

In time, Kikanovich was left alone and attacked, while the Cyril was faster than the siren for the lead in the break (45:44).

19:21 –

Both teams were attacking too. Lazik, Tsirmsz, Beron and Fey, on the other hand, Nidam and Robinson. After a few errors, Tomic looks for a break (14:18).

After a short break, a good attack, Beron scored the first three minutes with the eighth scores. Regdand, in his own style, is a breakthrough in defending his opponent, but he tries to protect the Red and White opponent's attacks (21:25).

Dobrik continued to play good striker, after entering the trophy, Regleland remained alone for three rounds and scored points (27:25). Barry's the other way around. Dobry then stops playing, and Outara only blows the first shot. Perpoglu was then awarded with a penalty and two fines. In the first 10 minutes the result was not resolved (29:29).

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