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LŠ: Tadic has played Ajax, Pogba has replaced Juventus with the victory of Sitia and Real Madrid | Football


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November 07, 2018. 22:56 |

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The Serbian national player has won the Dutch national team, the three-time attacker for "citizens", the team of Murin has won "Juvenile"

Footballers of "Bavaria" have won the match in the 4th tour of E Champions League today at 2: 0.

The two goals scored by Robert Lewandowski, 31 minutes and 71 minutes.

In the second match of Group E, Benfica and Ajax players played with the score 1: 1.

At the 29th minute, Jones scored the goal of Benfica, and on the 61st minute, Ajax equalized with Dushan Tadić of Serbia.

Bayern won the third place in the Champions League this year, while Ajax won the eighth place, while Benfica took the third place with 4 points. AEK is the last place without points.

In the fifth round, Bavaria and Benfica will be AEK and Ajax, respectively.

Real Madrid's footballers defeated Victoria's team tonight in the fourth round of the Champions League Group G with a score of 5: 0.

The actual question of the winner in this match was resolved after 45 minutes, as he had a 4: 0 advantage.

After 21 minutes, Hollywood started with Karim Benzema, two minutes later Kazemiro hit, Benzema scored the home team's 37th minute and scored 40th goal in the 40th minute with Garret Bail.

The confident victory of the "Royal Club" at the 67th minute made Toni Krosty naked.

Earlier, Moscow's footballers performed in Moscow against CSKA Moscow in the score 2: 1.

Real Madrid and Roman have now scored nine points, CSKA has scored four times, and Victoria has taken the last place.

In the next round Roma and Real will meet, respectively, CSKA and Victoria.

Footballers of "Manchester City" won "Shakhter" with a score of 6-0 in the fourth round of "FC Champions League".

Gabriel Zezus scored three goals in the 24th and 72nd minutes on the 92nd minute, David Silva 13, Rahim Sterling 49th and Riyadh Mares 84 minutes.

In addition to the confident victory of Sitia, after this match, Hungary's arbitrator Viktor Kasai will be the top fender. Sterling entered the penalty area of ​​the Ukrainian team and fell down

the referee pointed to a white point without much thought.

Lvoo players played Hoffenheim 2-2 at home, but they had a 2-0 advantage, and the player played more than 51 minutes after 45 minutes.

Lyon scored 28th minute Nabil Fekir, 28th in Thangy Nodbele and Andrei Kramarich 65th, Pavel Kadirabek on 92nd minute.

City is the first with 9 points in Group F, Lyon six, Hoffenheim three, Miner – one point.

The next round will be Hoffenheim and Miner, Lyon and Manchester City.

The players of Manchester United have won Juventus 2-1 in the fourth round of the X League.

At the 65th minute Juventus headed Cristiano Ronaldo. Leonardo Bonući sent the ball to the penalty area, Ronaldo ran away from the United defender,
a great blow to the leadership of his team.

When the match seemed to end with the home team's victory, it turned to Juventus and the United Arab Emirates. First, Juan Mata was on the 86th minute with a 1: 1 free-kick, and after the second break she hit her line
Bonus on the 90th minute.

Previously, the players of Valencia were good at the score 3: 1.

"Juventus" is the first with 9 points in "X", "United" has two points less, Valencia is five, and Yangz is only one

At the next stage Juventus and Valencia meet Manchester United and Young Boys.

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