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Mina Vrbaski LEADS A LEGACY!


13. 11. 2018.

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All symptoms are here: Мина Врбашки Future Future!

When Mina Vrbashki and Nemanja Shcherich Ixson became sexually active, Dioni played in the Rialitie, and now Mina is doubtful. This time rapper spoke.

All symptoms are here: Мина Врбашки Future Future!

work for two people In the first season of the Cooperative, turbulent love is known, and both have a good relationship. The mother of Mina'ah came to me yesterday, Ivana Vrbashi and Karazhorie Subotica, they contacted the crew. Mina, using her mother's support, commented on the events, and then said that Mine had not complained about anything – she was in another country.

"I'm pregnant. Today I was fired. I want to get married ", said Mina to her mother.

Jackson commented on his former friend's words.

"It's a senseless thing, as if both were falling, there was nothing. I really did get it, but it would not have been a pregnancy for 10 months when it was in the first cooperative. And it was really technically inconvenient for you. And she gave him an explanation, so she (laughs)"said Jackson.


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