Wednesday , March 22 2023

Mostly sunny and windy – VMS Radio Voyvodina


The wind is weak and moderate in the south and south-east, in the west and west, in the south of Banat, sometimes in the storm, at the end of the day and in the weakening, the Republican Hydrometeorological Institute reports.

sunset, sunset

Temperature in the morning is from zero, in the south-east to 11 degrees Celsius, and daily from 17 to 20 degrees C and east to -14 degrees Celsius.

Novi Sadta prevails in moderate and strong south-east winds, which will weaken day and night. Temperature in the morning is about 10 C, maximum 19 C per day.

According to the forecast for the upcoming seven days, in the morning in Serbia, in the valleys and valleys, fog is expected.

In the afternoon, mainly sunny, will only be south-west on Thursday, and on Sunday, in the north of Serbia, moderately cloudy, sometimes occasionally short, short rain. The maximum temperature is above average, in most places it varies from 15 to 20 C, at the end of the period is slightly lower.

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