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Natural Nutritional Supplements: Keeping them home helps you a lot! | Beautiful and healthy

Food can be ill the most powerful symptom it is often seen in cold or flu. So you can not eat, sleep, speak, or …

Fortunately, some of them home remedies this will help solve the problem.


It is not only your honey but also for a long time home appliances, Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of inflammation.

Honey is also stored on a thin layer «sticky» in the throat, which reduces irritation while eating.

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Salt water

Perhaps,most interesting« idea, but the smoothing of salty water in the food makes it easier to tissue the body kill bacteria.

Combined Half a teaspoon of salt water Try not to swallow it for a couple of minutes.

According to scientists, when the cold accepts you, do and overcome it!

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Tea from chamomile

This tea can not just help you calmness i sleeps, which has proven and antifamic properties. This tea contains antioxidants and other ingredients calming effect If you notice the first symptoms of pain in the throat, you can start drinking.

Also, it is tea There are no more caffeine, This means that you can drink it at night without difficulty.

When it comes to eating disorders, it is recommended to you chamomile tea cup Add small honey.

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Lemon and hot water

Some people drink year lemonade, or a combination of hot water and lemon juice, helps to lose weight or clear the skin. Well, this drink can help you cold and flu symptoms.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of lemon, it also exists good for the immune system, which creates an acidic medium in the suture, causing viruses and bacteria to be safer.

Lemon is also rich Vitamin C, and research has shown that it acts in pre-existing viruses and colds.

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