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Conjuctivitis reflects the bath (conjunctiva) inside the eyelids. The glasses extend to the inside of the eyeball and pass to the edge of the lamp. Inflamed spine makes sclera red while conjunctivitis.

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Conjunctivitis is the most common eye disease in developed countries. It can cause oxidation of the eye to move to the severe inflammation leading to loss of traumatic tissue and soft inflammation. The most common cause is viral or bacterial infections, chlamydia or fungal infections, even parasites, but rare

Flowers are also pollen allergens, dust, eye makeup or animal hair, and may be associated with some other illnesses. Occurs in colds or rashes …

In addition to contacting the infected person or the infected person (towel, pillowcase, or clothing), the infection is caused by high contact lenses with conjunctivitis, as well as people who spend time with the computer. There may be problems with the dry eye, but if the eye does not reach enough tears, there is not enough eye surface. The condition may be deteriorating and may cause either tobacco smoke or dry air.

5 Best Advice for Prevention and Treatment of Conjunctivitis

1. The most important is hygiene

Viral conjunctivitis does not require special treatment except typical hygiene and eye care and takes place for several days. You need to wash your hands.

2. Use a separate bed

Use special towels, pillows and napkins during the infection, so do not share them with other family members. Wash them after each use.

3. When you are invisible to the naked eye, the beams will help you

Cold towels make the feelings of pain and aroma easier – three to five minutes a day.

4. Chamomile makes it irritated to eyes

The eye breathes in purple pouches, which immerse the tea bag in warm water and then compress it to the eye for 10 minutes.

5. Regular cleaning is half the health

Frequently cleaned pages such as desktops, handles, tapes, telephones, and remote controls. Do not share things such as cosmetics, makeup or napkins.

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