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Men who are involved in gym halls to get into the body and love the body suffer from depression.

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Researchers at the University of Science and Technology and Harvard University believe that 10 percent of people who have participated in the study find it desirable to be fat and viable because they have a disruption to their appearance.

Due to these disorders, they are drunk on weekends, take strict children, and take steroids. For the first time, the team found that the number of men and women tested their muscles, as well as the number of men struggling with the appearance or distortion of the distorted mirror.

The study was reviewed by men aged 18-32 years. Researchers explored the appearance of men's habits and muscle mass. Based on 15 questions, he measures how much human beings are muscular. Statements 1 (always) to 6 (never) on the scale "I want to be more muscular" or "I feel guilty if I miss one training".

About 10 percent of men have distorted mirrors, which means they are just as thick as themselves. The simulators have used four times the extra substances and steroids that are prohibited from creating their muscles. One in three had a severe diet.

Most women take care of women because they think they are obesity, but men choose a special diet because they think they have severe skin. They do not want to be as polite as they want to be muscle. Many stars, Cristiano Ronaldo, are an example of being similar to them.

The problem is that the picture is for men who have a job, a study, and a family. The practitioners try to make muscles, not their health. Women should wear strong shirts, but men should have a wide shoulder.

Parents are advised to keep children's nutrition from the smallest of days, because getting healthy habits will later cause severe and painful problems.

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