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Novak Djokovic set a record: trophy trophy trophy, No. 1 in ATP list Sunday


Novak Djokovic gave him the title of "No. 1" two years after defeating Andy Murray on the first place in the ATP in the morning, the last match of the season – at the Master Class in London.

In this match, the most difficult period of his career and the 22nd fall of this season, Scott won the first ATP season and in the 30s he was Count 1 and the oldest tennis player in the fourth place in Serbia. The winners of the last season of the season were defeated for the first time in the final and took the third place after 122 consecutive weeks.

Columns are already 'full'

Knowing how tennis is reminiscent, novak has a very good reputation at all times – he is the only player in the history who has won all his opponents, and there are only 37 "Mazars" in the gigantic tournaments of the craftsmen, with a positive duel with them. Its dominance in 2011, and especially in 2015, is even more impressive than the golden season of Federer and Nadal in 2015.

After a week in a "classic" arcade in real tennis, his opponent won 25th place in his career, second and third time he lost to the first place in the rating and lost his fifth title in the last six tournaments, Throughout the year, Djokovic continues to win the so-called "Nloe Slam" at Roland Garros, with a record 17,000 points in the ATP list, followed by two years, and only Rolan last season in Garou.

Symbolic – two years after giving the "crown" to another major opponent, Novak has made his way to the fifth position as the season's # 1 end and the first place for at least 30 weeks. , because …

Phase 5 ATP:

1. Novak Djokovic 8.045
2. Rafael Nadal 7,480
3. Roger Federer 6.020
4. Juan Martin Del Potro 5,300
Alexander Zverev 5.085

roger federer novak djokovic paris masters 2018 đoković
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Despite the fact that only 565 points are scored before the tournament's first eighth tournament, the unbeaten title in the group is more than 1500 points, and if Djokovic is a "winter" before Nadal, he has had trouble experiencing the challenge until 2019. Of course, if they are wounded and damaged.

Correct choices of the frozen quails and close partners after Marjan Wajda and Boris Becker's collapse would mean that Djokovic Roland would protect only 1.055 of the possible 9,000 points at Harrocks at the grass level and at the master level, Doha, Dubai, Acapulco, Barcelona, ​​Eastbourne, and others. .b. without participating in tournaments.

The exact season of the season was clear and ready, with the start of the new Australian Open, over the years after Indian Wells and Miami, and then, as a rule, in the second season was second in the second season behind the unbeatable Rafael Nadal, second in the "smile".

How long does the 4th DOMINATION last?

The most successful ATP tennis players of the decade are:

& # 39; 70: Bjern Borg (3)

John E. MacAnro / Ivan Landl (3)

& # 39; 90: Pit Sampras (6)

& # 39; 00: Roger Federer (5)

& # 39; 10: Novak Djokovic (4/5)

Spaniards will defend a number of points this season in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome and Paris. Then we know what the power in the second half of June in Djokovic is, and now the biggest champions of Montreal, Cincinnati, the USA Open, Shanghai and Paris protect from 8,500 to 6,990, and know how long they are waiting in London after two weeks, places to stay in Montréal. he reached the eighth finale and reached Beijing.

The list of the "Budget" ATP for the coming year is a serious hypothesis, but something has become an axiom in men's tennis from 2011 to 2016 – When he is healthy and ready, Belgrader may lose a two-week sprint for the grenade trophy, but not during the 11-month ATP marathon.

Finally, if he was more than a year old, had he been the first tennis player in the history and had to become the first tennis player in the history to date, was it a good idea that he would not be able to choose everything in the 2019, if he had been pouring into the world waiting for Marian Wade to come back?

First, it was No. 1 player in 2011, and in 2011 ATP trail was 224 weeks, where he won the fifth place in the history of the most successful player in the history. The previous series includes 8,000 points before entering Queens and Vimblon herbs. (196), John McIntyre (170), Bjorn Borg (109) and André Agasi (101), followed by Federer (310), Pietre Sampras (286), Ivan Lendel (270) and Jimmy Connors (268).

All Novak Power:

53 **** July 4 – May 25, 2012
48 **** November 5, 2012 – 29. 2013 year.
122 ** June 23, 2014 – 2November 7, 2016
1 ***** 5. 11. 2018. –

Novak has learned his name in the biggest legends of this sport, including his career, with more impressive accomplishments.

Last "number 1" of tennis players at the end of June:

2008 Rafael Nadal

2009 Roger Federer

2010 Rafael Nadal

2011 Novak Djokovic

2012 Novak Djokovic

2013 Rafael Nadal

Novak Djokovic

2015 Novak Djokovic

2016 Andy Murray

2017 Rafael Nadal

2018 Đoković / Nadal

Djokovic's goal in the record race in the most prestigious nomination was that Freder (20) and Nadal (17) used his two-year crisis to win five of the semi-conservative Sergei (14), but at the same time mark Mark Chekinat All we have witnessed is a missed mission.

For the new Grand Slam trophy Novak demanded six goals in January 2015 to six months before the season 2016, and the current calendar of Federer is not as immeasurable as the 86th week of the first week. more than one and a half years.

How long will this Novak Djokovic's fourth "rule" last? We hope for a long time, but at the same time it can be shortest – two weeks!

For this reason, Nadal, who has retired in Paris and has no title in London, should be better than his rival, who has five titles in the sixth finals at the closing ceremony.

Good luck, No1e!

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