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Radenko, suspected of raping his stepfather (10), has shot an entirely bewildered video! (VIDEO)


Fifty-four years old Radenko P. when he recorded and downloaded his video on his FB profile, he recalled his phone conversation with his wife M. M., and even saw him outside the safe house.

Radenko P.

Radenko P. Photo:

* Radenko P. (54) released a video that said he did not attack his stepfather

* He says he and his wife always hear on the phone

* He also says that he never threatened his wife by phone

Fifty-four years old Radenko P. After arriving in Serbia from Austria, Bjak village of Sjængj municipality near Zrenjanin, filmed a bus with Zrenjanin and videotaped his FB profile with his wife M. constantly on the phone. she even saw her in a safe house in Zrenjanin and packed her in a safe home to her daughter without explanation.

Radenko (54) speaks to his stepfather (9) orally? When his wife told her that she had done something wrong?

AUTHOR: Pink / N.M. DATE AND TIME: 16.08.2016 13:20 – 16.08.2019. 15:34 She was suspected of repeatedly humiliating the girl during the season. Police, Arrest, Photo: Alo! / Masanori Yoshida * From the Zredanin Radenko. (54 years old) * In June, her step-daughterfriend (9) had been sexually assaulted by police officers suspected of having sexually explicit sexual intercourse. arrested.

Kivan told the police in Sejang that he immediately said he had been arrested and was not questioning himself and that he had never threatened anyone in Zrenjanin and never threatened to kill his wife and wanted to do so.

P. Radenko was also angry with some local residents in his native village who accuse him of raping him, and he did not do it. Comments on social networks after posting the video will change to those who support the peaceful and honest local Boka, and those who occasionally swear allegiance to those who work in Austria.

Police in Zrenjanin and prosecutors have not yet responded to the sexual harassment of a 10-year-old girl or her stepfather Radenko P.

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