Tuesday , January 31 2023

Republic / Animals have shocked scientists for antidepressants!



Birdwatching pharmaceutical products

A team of researchers from the University of Monasia examined insects and spiders found in the six streams of this city and searched about 98 percent of various pharmaceutical products.


Scientists have identified 69 different insecticides and 66 spider species. Scientists explained that the drug is delivered through a food chain. Feeding insects on jackets, and they are food in the country, Guardian writes.

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Drugs flow through the sewage treatment plants, which does not eliminate any harmful substances that humans use. Some use septic tanks or waste water and sewer pipes.

Researchers around Melbourne, including wastewater, even with very small waste, include "all drug cocktail," not concealing their unpleasant surprises.


"Antidepressants are medications for depression, depression, depression, sorrow, hopelessness, hopelessness and depression among people with a lack of energy," says Michael Grace, co-author of the study.

This is the first study in the world that has a number of pharmaceutical ingredients in the food chain and can be about half the daily dosage of an antidepressant for human beings, "said research manager Erin Richmond.

– The study showed that preservation of many surveillance drugs in reservoirs of invertebrates, as well as their storage in wastewater in places surrounding them. Spiders, birds, and cracks are used here. Richmond explained.

Scientists at the University of Melbourne have published their research results in the journal Nature Communications.

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