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Republic / The most common cause of fraud in this regard



Since many people are willing to speak openly with their experiences in managing "dual life," most people are aware of fraud because of their prejudice.

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We suggest that you find the most common mistakes about adultery.

Husbands and wives can not be happy when they commit adultery

Of course, it is difficult for a partner to break his integrity after breaking one's marriage. However, this does not mean that renewal of communication is inevitable. In many cases, those who decide to continue, are able to build even stronger connections. Truth is a powerful weapon that can sometimes be restored.

If this is not sexual, it is not deception

Many sexes do not have sex. Is it possible to conclude that a secret chat with someone you meet recently is awesome? Perhaps the person who does it does not see the real situation, but his colleague, of course, is perceived as fraud.

We can give an emotional partner to another person by giving us part of our time, thoughts and feelings.

Men are always on the "side"

Truth is, in fact, with regard to those who have never been asked. This is especially true when a partner is deceived by someone. Afera often begins to communicate well with one another and then develops a close relationship that can become an emotional bond of a particular species. If a person is deceived, it does not mean that he has planned that earlier.

Loyalty depends on sexual attractiveness

Certainly, some mistakes are related only to sex, but in many cases it is about emotional relations. Occasionally, communication and delicate emotion take place among adulterers.

Marriage problems can violate adultery

The real truth is that all marriages have difficulties. Disorder does not depend on the weakness of marriage; they do not know how pairs can correct and correct their problems.

Connection problems can not be a basis for fraud.

One adulterer is always a violent adulterer

If someone is engaged in prostitution, that does not mean that they will do it again. Many conflicts are not repeated. What happens next is that it can lead a marriage to stability or even to a complete disappearance.

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