Saturday , June 25 2022 / RS / fuel is cheap for five to six dinars


Thus gasoline ranges from 158 to 152 dinars and diesel fuel from 171 to 166 dinars. Over the past two weeks, due to the fall in prices for crude oil in the world, gasoline has dropped three dinars per liter while diesel prices dropped to two dinars. According to experts, this process is expected to continue next week. Gas and diesel will be cheaper than other dinars per liter.

"Barrel's price is $ 72 and US sanctions are unclear on Iran's ability to turn crude oil into crude oil, which is expected to not be the largest in the oil market, so oil companies selling oil would be cheaper in the coming days than gasoline and diesel," says Jelica Putnikovich.

Due to the large oscillators this year, there is no apparent drop in oil prices for citizens.

"The price of oil has fallen, but this is just the first reduction of fuel."

"In my opinion, the environment can be cheaper, somewhat expensive, cheaper, it is constantly growing,

"I am inexpensive or inexpensive, and I buy 1000 dinars and finish my work," said the citizens.

According to experts, the fluctuations in the crude oil prices should not be expected until the end of this year, so prices can not be expected.

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