Friday , October 22 2021

Stimulate the start of a reduced trading week on the stock exchange


Belgrade stock exchange_190116_RAS photo Vesna Lalic (8) _previewPhoto: V.Lalic / RAS Serbia

The turnover on the Belgrade Stock Exchange today exceeds 10 million euros in the denominator, and has been exploded due to the stable stock trade with the rise in government bonds and stock indices.

The total turnover in trade is $ 1.22 billion. Ruble (10.3 million euros).

The BELEX15 index was 0.6 per cent, reaching 749.30 points, while BELEXline was slightly restored and finished with 1,555 points.

The most important event was the airfield "Nikolai Tesla", which was less than a quarter of the previous trades, with an average price of $ 1,695 to 5.8 million.

About 4.8 million denarii will remain unchanged from Ideo's Sevo to 5.050 dinars, and from that city, Impol Sval, from 4 to 3 million dinars, from 5 percent to 3.151 dinars.

Serbia's oil industry also grew by 0.1 percent to 687 doses and sold for 0.7 million denarii.

Shares of EnergoJob Holding increased by 7.5% and amounted to 680 dinars and amounted to 0.5 million dinars.

Among the winners of the day are the shares of Comercihstal Bank from 4.1% to 211 Dangers, at 0.1 Million Drams, and Red Vranjska Alpha, with a lower price of 33.990 Drams, about 0.2 Million Drams.

Foreign investors have a 30.23% shareholding in the stock market, with a purchase of 3.96% and a sale of 56.49%.

Two series series of the Republic of Serbia – 1.2 billion. From Dinar, RSO 18171, which will be held in January 2023, is worth $ 1.0 billion. Dynamic turnover was compensated. Foreign investors took part in the circulation of government debt securities with a share of 7.47%.

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