Thursday , September 29 2022

There are 5000 citizens in the territory of Vršats, who are dealing with doctors, organize the "Health" market


Many Ulman also used the opportunity to check the health of the surrounding towns. Internal tests, blood pressure measurement, blood sugar levels, anthropometric and HB01C measurements, and dental research and counseling were interviewed.

Measurement of sugar content

There are about 5,000 people with diabetes in Vršac and in the settlements, and last year, 162 newborns were registered. Early diagnosis and treatment are the key to avoiding difficulties and achieving good results, and such activities are organized for this purpose.

"Despite the satisfactory response, we have four cases of high levels of glycemic control, and these people have not yet measured sugar, so we should send them to a selected doctor and analyze them," says Dr. Rin Dusanov. hygiene and nutrition in the Vršats.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated this year under the slogan "Diabetes affects families" to draw attention to the needs of people who are prone to diabetes mellitus.

"When it comes to diabetes, certain things can be prevented – it is very important, constant physical activity, stopping smoking and lower cholesterol levels, such as high cholesterol HDL levels and poor LDL cholesterol and triglycerides," Dusanov said.

In this regard, the risk of developing diabetes is high or local residents are given a sugar measuring device that they sometimes observe and monitor at home.

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