Monday , June 14 2021

Until the end of the month "Esh Sheks" was opened in Zenjan

At a meeting held at the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Zrenjanin, Janjić, local government reminded them to "invest heavily in Bangladesh to invest in a better position to survive."

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Janjic also recalled last year and this year's number of newly created jobs, as well as the forthcoming major economic activity, the portal writes.

"By the end of this month on March 14 Yesshek factory will open South Korea," said Yanyzhich.

The investment in the industrial Zone "Zugoistok" in Zrenjanin was implemented shortly. Serbian President Alexander Vucic, provincial Prime Minister Igor Miric, Mayor of Zrenjanin Sedomir Janjic and Christopher Kue, President of the LS Group, on March 14, 2011 after laying the ribbon. and noted the beginning of construction of the plant, reminiscent of the portal.

At the same time, the construction of 15,000 square meters of production facilities has been completed, staff recruitment and training is underway, and they are ready to invest up to € 30 million.

Janjić, according to the portal, laid a foundation stone for the largest investment in Greenfield in Serbia in March next year and intended to build a Chinese tire plant "Linglong".

"This is a $ 1 billion investment, with only 250 million euros, or even 65 hectares, under the roof, and the other three investors will be their subcontractors." industrial zones and not just for our economy, but also for Serbia's economy, for Zrenjanin, good news, "Jeanjich said.

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