Monday , January 30 2023

(VIDEO) GODJA has played all of Ivan MARINKOVICH's ALL RULES!


Gogha Truman decided to talk openly about her life-changing umbrella, but she decided to divorce her husband.

In 2010, she took part in the program and found it difficult to distinguish her from her daughter and her first wife.

"It was very difficult to forgive my child and my first husband. I was shocked. When we arrived in the Philippines, I got hooks for three suits, two short sleeves, two short slippers, some slippers for sand, two Japanese couples, one uniform, one sneaker and one crossover for water. kabanicu We are allowed to bring something to ourselves, and it has no value. I brought the golden chain, which was the fashion of Lenin, "Gogh said and continued:

"It was one of the most exciting parts of the trip – all women were approaching her. They said, "You are behind that building." Then seven people, including Vesna Zmitjanak, took me away from the village. Do not think this is a five-star treatment. No. There are no five stars, you are behind the house. The bed is made of bamboo half made of all nails. It scares us and everything, every mistake. No toothbrush, no soap, no mirrors, no perfumery, no nutrition and no food. "

Then she lost a lot, but she always invented her family.

"I lost 12 kg for 32 days. There were some wonderful events. The most difficult moments when I was thinking about my family, my son. When I was in Rial, I was thinking about my relationship with my wife, and I wrote that I should stop the scandal. The Crocodile taught me that it is too short to spend life in unnecessary controversy and debate. I'm not a "rescuer", but rather decided to divorce. I decided to keep my marriage and my relationship. However, when I came back, I had a hard and terrible abandonment. He was not the same person on the island. My divorce did not depend on rialitism, but because of the myths and towers of my maps, "says the singer on the" Jutub "channel.


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