Saturday , October 23 2021

(VIDEO) MARIA, UNUK JEALGE DAM! Elena Golubovich, who curse "Cooperative"


A terrifying argument broke out when Holubovich blamed Maria and Milja for food.
Close, baby! You have a leg and a hairs curve! You have escaped from the last Cooperative because of Miljana. No one in the world. You will never have children. You'll still be burying your mother and grandmother. Shake one!

Elena is soiled:
You allowed your daughter to be pregnant, and you risked your child's life! You are my mom who told my family. You threaten me you're not kids. Here I want you to die. Do not live for one year. You bury your husband, your children, and everything else!

Then two of them started to cough, but the safety acted right away and prevented the fight.
Your daughter is in the toilet. They sucked it and scattered it. Nobody's pregnant. At least I was right – Elena added.

"You are interested in Miljan, because no one can. You made a sex at the palace, you know it only!

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