Sunday , June 20 2021

"What kind of family does she work?" She is a hairless singer! | Telegraph

Singer Sasha Caran picked up Luni Iggii and then told her about the blogger's parents. She believes that she has experienced a reduction in her upbringing.

– What kind of family is saved from the moon, so it behooves itself. Parents should not educate, educate, or make it a reality. What to do with his life, good grief? One young man did not get education, "says Sasha, and then continued her education in Lunat.

Swan Swan, Princecrine: TV Pink

"They think about making money, and they will benefit and leave the school. Okay, we all run for money, we all need money, but it's important for college to end. At the end of her life, what does she do? I do not know what to show in cooperation, but people just spit out, "Karanova says.

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