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A group of Duryan fruit harvested this plane this week and brought other crabs along with the plane.


This is not a guy.

An Indonesian plane landed this week on a passenger plane, landed on an aircraft, and immediately complained to the airline's employees demanding to do something about it. This fragrance rises above the cargo train Sriwijaya Air, with about two tons of Durian stored.

Durian is a fruit tree that grows in some parts of Asia, although it is considered as a fruit, but rather like a cream paste than a real dish. It is also one of the most hateful aromas in life. The only Duryan can make a smell like a real scalp for a week. It is described as disgusting in gym clothes, vomiting and drainage, but still good taste.

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Durian has been banned from a wide range of vehicles (public space), but because the airline has the right to carry the goods, the fruit is very fruitful and retained according to the official rules of the car. However, it did not allow the passengers to stand on the stage. One passenger responded with other passengers, "Not us!" And greeted "Who will fly on this plane?"

Durian, of course, is the only food that you never get to fly (or to any room), but there are other dishes that need to be considered twice before you arrive while you are flying, but take care of your passengers (and come to your destination) , do it yourself). Be respectful of yourself and others without having to bring the following dishes to you during your flight.

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Honestly, any other fish species. Do you want to be a fisherman? Fishery products in any case are delivered to the aircraft – equivalent to microwave fish in the office kitchen – do not do it, man. Technically, you are technical, of course, hating you.

For the hard boiled egg – a good choice of lower protein to keep you in the long run, and sprinkle an egg before planting on your plane for your love of God. For the boiled eggs are like hell. One person who once seized the egg-packed egg from Joe's company, suggested I take egg products out of the plane.

All the pies do not smell, and, of course, they try to make incredibly small dishes, but be careful when picking up soft cheese. If you do not use these bad guys fast, they never get together, or you'll forget them, and then you'll have to deal with a smell of smells like an old cheese. Perhaps your only purse, probably, is a purse.

Man, go. Did you really bring onions, though you were fried on the plane, delicious onion? Check yourself. Fried or not, it is still a popular plant for onion, aura, it only casts people. In fact, you are not really cutting onion on the plane, but you have brought the bag there, and they still break. Wait for the plane to order side by side on the Bowter King's juice.

Look, it is not clear. But have you ever tried to bring the plane-built food? This can not be me. I'm talking about spaghetti, many sauces, macaroni, pizza, and meats cookies – all this stuff has a good odor and can eat, and you, my friend, are in the present. It's spilling its beans, and you do not even have a hob, above all, you have a towel and hopefully a bag. You can also get beans in all hands, and they have a good odor.

Broccoli fragrance is not scary, but it can be very sharp. In hot water, sharp broccoli is steamed, and you have the odor that fills in the air around the nose. If you take a hot dish in the dish, do not eat but eat it for the sky. Hot broccoli or Brussels's aroma of flavor will be yours.

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This is because McDonald's is in an airport space, and I understand, and if it's your privilege (if I have more time), then bringing hamburgers to the aircraft is legal. However, you are the same person, but you will stay in this plane for a long time. You've made an airplane like McDonald's. Not burgers, especially McDonald's. You're heading to McDonald's fishing restaurant. Do you want to get this? Request legitimate.

Only be careful with this. You may have cooked meat or cooked meat of any kind. Now your half-finished meat hot meat is transported in a small floppy-styrofoam container, which, of course, does not contain odor. Also, when you are just eating, do not eat properly when you're on the plane, so you want to sit with him. Your waste is an airplane passenger, and if you do not buy dinner later and save money, the dinner will be a hamburger. And everything else is crazy.

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