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AMKTC Test: The Witness describes his inconvenience with regard to "unclear" deals

Singapore: The man who worked for the director of the company, who was accused of buying a former general manager of the city council, was inconvenient and dangerous, as he was facing a situation with "bad" actions.

Mr. Taung Chuan, a witness in court proceedings, described two issues.

In order to help find a job in Singapore, he has been involved in recruiting an agent for the former Chinese director of the former Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC) Victor Wong Che Mae.

Mr. John said that Wong repeatedly asked the director of the company, Chia Sin Lan'nan, to look for her husband Hu Hoongmy.

Cia Wong, two companies working in town councils, was charged with paying $ 107,000 in contracts from December 2014 to September 2016.

He demanded compensation from the two companies, 19-ANC Enterprise and 19-NS2 Enterprise, for a bribe, which has been awarded the M & A tenders and contracts for millions of dollars.

On Tuesday, Deputy Prosecutor Jiang Kye Yi made a slideshow of a money transfer from WhatsApp chat messages between Tay and Chia.

The photo uploaded in June 2016 showed a transfer of 3000 yuan ($ 596). That money was paid to Mr. Hoo, Mr. Mrs.

Mr. Thay told that he did not know how much money was, but he said he was aware of Hua Hua's and other issues, because Chia "will require more money in the future."

It was a condition for Mr. Chia to sign a handbook in the hands of two men. A contract subcontractor for the 19-NS2 Enterprise, a contractor of Mr. Tay, Thai Eng Khuan General Contractors.

Mr. Lord will repay Chia in cash from the proceeds from Taian Juan's General Contractors and from the 19th-NC2 project received from other sources.

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Messages in text messages were of course complicated because they were proven in WhatsApp in July 2016 between Chia and Tey.

According to the report, "Go, Hong Kong is looking for a high salary, and maybe she wants to work as a performer on KTV, and I'll tell the elder brother about it, and I'll fix 3,000 rubles a big brother."

This message was sent to Vion by Chia, China's sales agent, David Gannan. Mr. Gan sent a message to Chia, who sent the message to Mr.

Other issues related to Mr. Hui's job postings were reported by X-Khan himself, on the agency's fees. Chia's salesman, David Gan, is for paying Wong's wife.

It was a "headache," says Mr Mandarin. Commenting on how he felt through the interpreter, Mr. Tey said that the issue was "dirty" and "scary."

"It was a line again," he said. At the prosecutor's request, why is it "scary"? Mr. Tey: "These things differ from the original principles and they are in the darkness, because of the origin of why the company initially decides why they are separated. «

Referring to $ 20,000 in money transfers to Mrs. Chia and Mrs. Mrs. Gan's home in June 2015, Mr. Taye said to the court, "It's not worth the money for bribery, but for business purposes."

Mr. Tee said Thailand was "scared" when he received a draft bill for debit card Chia Varagens in karaoke salons and food.

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Mr. Chia asked Tailoo to sign up for a debit card. Initially, the intended purpose is the money spent from her ex-family to her daughter and daughter.

"I was afraid all this was unacceptable," he said. "If my card was my company, checks would start, I would not be able to escape."

He said: "When government officials or the Bureau of Investigation are investigating, they will identify me as a card and I find this inconvenient."


His remarks continued as another "headache" that emerged in a serious relationship between Chia and Wong. According to Mr. Tae, Chia Wong has been assigned to Stella for work at the 4-Ever Engineering company and 19-NS2.

Stella had trouble with her quarreling with her two colleagues, and Wong in turn called on Chia to help her solve this problem.

For example, in July 2016, one of the controversial colleagues, Mr. Tee, began to take turns in the scene.

The message sent to Stella was sent to several people, including Wong, says Mr. Thay. He told me that Mr. Stella suggested that he work for Tayga 4-Ever Engineering.

"Mr. Taipei pays your wages and brings us to you every month," a statement reads. "I respect you and Mr. Tee. But now that is a little question, why do not I understand why Mr. Chia was opposed to Mr. Nguyen, why we and Kyle have blame you for this new partner, which makes us humiliate! «

The person who sent the text was identified as GoGo and then asked to meet all the parties to resolve the issue.

Later on, Chia Stella was forced to work for another company because the court heard the past day.

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The court sent several reports to the Court of Chia and Mae. Explaining his anger, Mr. Tey said he was concerned about the message he was referring to and that he was referring to his presence.

According to her, Chia was scared, and she was afraid of leakage, and other people knew that Wong's daughter-in-law was working.

He said in court: "In such cases, we all worry about, we make a lot of money, and we are not even happy, because most of these cases are irregular or bribery.

"Even if I make a living from my money, I will not be happy if I am doubted, convicted, even earning money and spending this money, because it's dirty or dirty money."

At the beginning of the day, Mr. Tai also informed the court that Vonga sold a car belonging to 19 – ANC, which was sold in a discounted manner.

According to him, in mid-2015, he talked about the sale of Chia, he gave him some advice.

"He said he sold the car down to Viktor Wong, so even if we are the second lowest bidder, he will still be given us," said Mr. Thay.


Not only that, Mr. Wong – Chia began to feel the strain of relationships with him, and he began to feel pressured, as it was his argument.

Mr. Tey was informed in July 2016 that Chia had been forced to drink "very soon" with Wong.

In his report, Chia goes to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, pictures her and shows her to Wong, with only half of her life remaining.

Mr. Tey explained his comment – Chia Wong wanted to tell Wong, who had seen a doctor in the hospital to stop drinking.

Wong and Chia often drank, Mr. Chia went to karaoke halls, paying with a Debit Card owned by Thai.

The trial is proceeding on Wednesday.

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