Tuesday , January 31 2023

An Active Aging Program at the People's Committees


SINGAPORE: An Active Aging Promotion Program for elderly people will be implemented by 2020 by up to two-thirds of the 400 Housing Commissions (CC), the People's Association of Sundays (18 November).

Health Wellness Program Wellness Time @ RC offers aging programs at RC centers for active aging.

This movement was mainly conducted in the Community Centers (CC).

The program is focused on five main areas: health, health checks, nutrition and diet, fitness and exercise and social rehabilitation.

Since April, about 200 housing programs have been launched, but some of them may not have five components. More than 60,000 older people are counted on this initiative.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Public Health Program, Minister of Finance Hans Sui noted that Kitep's contribution to strengthening and strengthening public relations and contributing to the sustainable and active participation of older people.

"We use our community facilities and networks to promote healthcare, senior education and volunteerism, and provide health care," said Heng, adding that older areas help people make better living spaces.

Lim Bung Heng, Special Adviser of the Chamber's Management Board, says that every PP and PP should become an active aging center because they live in a place where people live.

"Almost every thousand people can reach about 1,000 people and every citizen's Executive Committee (SCEK) does the same, and then half a million people have a really good opportunity to get older," says Lim.

Heng said that everyone has been involved in making the teenagers more active.

"By continuing to strengthen our healthcare system, national infrastructure and social support system, by developing partnerships in the community, we propose to use our elderly people for their wellbeing and to strengthen their physical, psychological and social standing and family support," he said.

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